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Youth Volunteer Program

Tips for Team Projects, LPS GoPo Hours

There’s an opportunity for practically every cause: arts, animals, environment, education, government, health, human services, and recreation. Search volunteer needs

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  • age for community service government and politics #LPSGoPo.
  • distance for a volunteer need near home or school.
  • team to find a group project.
  • phrase with a key word search, e.g. Saturday or refugee.

Sign up for a volunteer/user account to use these features:

  1. Like your favorite agencies to get notifications of new volunteer needs or events.
  2. Track your hours: from the dashboard, click volunteer resume, fill in the start and end dates, click "go" to print a report of your activities.

Note: use a personal email address. You won't receive email notifications when you respond to a volunteer need, if you use a school email.

Helpful tips:

  1. Some agencies require that you attend a training session before you volunteer.
  2. Don’t wait. Agencies may not need volunteers because they have too many students from last-minute requests.
  3. The best time to volunteer is during office hours. Many agencies do not have staff available weekends or evenings.

Volunteer as a team! 

Evening/weekend group activities may be available from these organizations:

  • Center for People in Need
  • Keep Lincoln and Lancaster County Beautiful
  • People’s City Mission
  • Pioneers Park Nature Center
  • The Salvation Army

Search hundreds of volunteer needs

Read about awesome volunteers.

Teachers: see previous emails, sign up.

See Lincoln Public Schools Government and Politics Service Learning program.

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